The Department of Health and Human Services manages almost a quarter of all federal outlays, including Medicare, totalling over $1 trillion. Unfortunately, programs like Medicare have been on GAO’s high risk list since before many Millennials today were born “due to its size, complexity, and susceptibility to mismanagement and improper payments.” The Affordable Care Act has also had its issues with mismanagement and improper payments.

HHS oversees the National Institutes of Health that has a budget of over $32 billion. However, the NIH has been criticized for a lack of prioritization when it comes to funding certain research projects. For example, the NIH funded a study that gave swedish massages to rabbits while the NIH director said an Ebola vaccine could have been found sooner if not for the stagnant funding the agency received.

There are areas within the HHS that can be cleaned up without harming any necessities in Federal programs like improper payments and unnecessary overhead expenses. Streamlining our nation’s healthcare agency will not only be better for patients, but for taxpayers’ wallets.

1.1 Trillion Annual Budget

Eric D. Hargan Secretary

80,000 Government Employees

Budget Growth 2012 - 2016

$3.53 Trillion

Annual budget for the federal government

$1.1 Trillion

Percentage of Federal Budget