America’s farmers are an essential part to feeding our country and those around the world. The federal government can play an important role in helping small farms and entrepreneurs access the tools and capital needed to succeed in such an efficient industry. However, the Department of Agriculture itself does not share the same efficiency. There is one USDA employee for every eight farmers and one for every 18 farms, and the USDA would be the sixth largest corporation if it were a private company. In addition, money meant to be a safety net for farmers often goes to million and billion dollar farm operations.

Further, providing benefits for Americans who have fallen on hard times should be done effectively and efficiently. The USDA administers over 70 programs that address hunger in the U.S. at a cost of over $100 billion. Although money for these programs increases, Americans who use them cannot climb out of food insecurity. With thousands of Americans added to hunger programs annually, working to address how we take care of of our most vulnerable, while ensuring the integrity of taxpayer dollars will be key to the success and sustainability of the USDA.


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$138.16 Billion

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